Borea Rooms – Budanje

Borea Rooms – Budanje

Borea Rooms – Budanje

Off the beaten track – Idyllic accommodation in Vipava Valley

If you are sick and tired of the big city life, and you earn for quiet relaxation in a natural setting, you cannot choose better than the Borea Rooms in Vipava Valley. This welcoming retreat has been purposed to accommodate all the necessities of modern living while also offering the chance to experience nature’s greatness in a peaceful, alluring haven.

Vipava Valley is a narrow strip of land with gorgeous landscapes that have suffered very few human alterations. Located in Southwest Slovenia at the heart of the corridor that connects Italy to Central Europe, this fertile lowland has been named a must-visit destination for 2018 by the Lonely Planet.

Where to stay and sleep in Vipava Valley

If you have your heart set on Vipava Valley for your next vacation, you should consider setting up camp in Budanje. This small, rustic village is the ideal getaway from the everyday frenzy of the big city. Shadowed by the Nanos Mountains and overlooking the wine-rich lowlands, this tiny hamlet is perfect if you want to get a real taste of rural Slovenian hospitality.

Budanje has fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, but the village gives you just as many chances to make new friends and experience local generosity. One of the places where you can stay and sleep in Vipava Valley, and benefit from a heartwarming experience is the Borea Rooms guesthouse.

Borea Rooms is a genuine country style B&B that has several accommodation services on offer. Here you can choose between a queen room that is perfect for traveling couples and a classic twin room that accommodates two people in separate beds.

If you are part of a larger party, you can go for the fully-equipped apartment with kitchenette and private bath. This feature is great for small families that want to spend a few leisurely days in the idyllic scenery of the Vipava Valley.

Why choose Borea Rooms in Vipava Valley

Budanje has a rich, growing culture that will make you fall in love with the village. You will experience this local trait firsthand by staying at the Borea Rooms. Here, you can engage in outdoor activities like trekking and hiking. Also, you can bring unforgettable delight to your taste buds with the mouthwatering cuisine of rural Slovenia and the dishes that are carefully prepared here from natural, organic ingredients.

Staying in Budanje means that you are also close to Ajdovščina and Vipava, the two largest cities in the region. While staying at the Borea Rooms you can take daily trips to these places and explore more aspects of the local culture.

In the evening, you can retreat to your comfortable accommodation at Borea Rooms and wait peacefully for the night to cover Vipava Valley in sheltering stillness. The crimson sunsets that you will witness here together with your loved ones are bound to capture your hearts forever.

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